More About the Professional Commercial Truck Services of an Expert

Over time, focusing on quality work, L&J's 24-Hour Road Service LLC has become a premier choice for many people in and around the area. Located in Bartow, GA, I offer a variety of commercial tires along with a professional truck & tire repair service that is also available for emergencies. Choosing to work with me is ideal. Want to find out why? Here, you can. 

Why Choose My Company? 

I started doing business in 2014 and progressed significantly during the past eight years. Hard work and honesty have led me on a path to success and the numerous satisfied clients I have served are proof of that. My commercial truck services are available 24 hours a day, and you can also hire me when you need to call a commercial tire dealer. Trust me for superb quality and cost-friendly service. I even give free estimates.

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How Am I Different? 

My 25-plus years of experience, combined with the wealth of knowledge I possess and the high level of expertise I have, make L&J's 24-Hour Road Service LLC a reputable business. I am certified and provide outstanding commercial truck services. I follow modern approaches to deal with different repairs and tire changes and also supply and sell top-quality tires to all of my clients. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Contact me if you reside in Bartow, GA or the surrounding areas and are interested in the professional truck & tire repair service or the variety of new and used tires I offer. You can learn more about my business, request an estimate, make an appointment, or request my emergency service by dialing (912) 741-0506. I’m looking forward to your call. Get in touch today! 

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